At Baylor, Pre-Law is a track that can supplement any major. Students will have a Pre-Law academic advisor who will help them make informed decisions about courses that will prepare them for the LSAT and law school.  GPA is the most important aspect of the application process for law school.  Selecting a rigorous major in which the student will succeed is essential.  Students often choose to enroll in the Honors College to ensure adequate academic preparation. 

Some majors have special degree plans geared towards students planning on attending law school.  Two of these degree plans are Philosophy and Economics.  The Political Science major also works close with Pre-Law students.  Many of the required courses for a Political Science degree include topics related to the practice of law. 

Planning for law school should begin as early as possible. Students should begin preparing their freshman year and work close with their academic advisor. Baylor offers many resources to assist students with the planning process.  One essential student resource is the Pre-Law Guidebook.

Phi Alpha Delta is a student-led organization open to all students interested in a career in law. The purpose of the organization is to help students determine whether law school or a job in the legal career is right for them. The organization hosts LSAT prep events and invites speakers from a variety of fields to speak at meetings.  Past speakers have included district attorneys and prep course instructors.

The Baylor Law School is a large resource available to all Pre-Law undergraduate students.  Each year, the Baylor Law School hosts several events that prepare students for the LSAT and the law school application process.  Some of these events include a pre-law boot camp and Mock Trial competitions.  These events give undergraduates the opportunity to volunteer and gain valuable experience.  

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