Parents of Deposited Students

Congratulations! We are thrilled that your student has paid the enrollment deposit reserving a spot in the incoming freshman class. Now that your student has paid this deposit, there are many exciting things for them to be working on. Below is a list of steps your student will want to take between now and Move In Day.

1. Sign up for Housing

At Baylor all freshmen are required to live on campus. We have a wide variety of housing options available for your student, so before they sign up for anything we would encourage them to explore the options at Once they have explored the options, they should complete the following steps:

  • Complete the Housing Application

    Students will complete the Housing Application through their goBAYLOR account.

  • Apply for a Living-Learning Program

    If your student would like to live in one of the first-year communities, they do not need to apply for a Living-Learning Program, but we encourage students to explore the options and consider applying for one of these residential communities. LLPs are communities where students participate in academic and/or co-curricular programming designed especially for them and share common academic courses or activities. For information about the different LLPs and the application process visit the Campus Living and Learning website.

2. Complete all Financial Aid Documents

For your student to be eligible for the maximum amount of financial aid, they will want to make sure they've submitted all the necessary paperwork. To qualify for the maximum amount of academic scholarships, your student will want to make sure we have all of their ACT or SAT scores on file as well their most up-to-date transcript if their class rank or GPA has improved since their acceptance. Because we superscore ACT and SAT scores, we will take the highest score from each section of the exam regardless of the test date in order to arrive at your students superscore which is used to award academic scholarships.

To qualify for the maximum amount of need-based aid you will want to submit the FAFSA and CSS Profile by the February 1 priority deadline. FAFSAs received after February 1 will be considered for aid based on the availability of funds.

3. Sign up for Orientation

On March 20 your student will be able to sign up for orientation through their goBAYLOR account. There are a limited number of spaces available in each of the orientation sessions, so you'll want to encourage your student to sign up as quickly as possible once registration begins. At orientation your student will meet with an academic advisor and sign up for fall classes. For a list of orientation dates, visit

4. Sign up for Baylor Line Camp

Baylor Line Camp is a 5-day new student camp that happens in July. Line Camp is full of activities to help your student learn about the history, traditions, and mission of Baylor as well as form friendships with other members of the incoming class. Line Camp is not required, but we recommend students attend if possible. Visit for more information about Line Camp. Registration opens in mid-March.

5. Submit the Health Form

All incoming students are required to submit their Health Form with proof that they've had the bacterial meningitis vaccine before they can register for classes. Visit the Health Services website for detailed instructions on completing this form.

6. Keep in Touch

In the admissions office, we want to help guide you through the entire admissions process all the way to move in day, so if you or your student should have any questions feel free to contact our office at any time. We are available 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. CST at (254) 710-3435 or you can submit a question online at Ask Admissions.