Freshman: What We're Looking For

Baylor is a competitive learning and research environment. So, naturally, we will consider your academic history when reviewing you for admission.  

That said, test scores and GPAs are only part of your story. That's why we also review the recommended items you share with us. These include recommendation letters, short answer responses and a resume.

We are looking for students who:

  • are excited and motivated about intellectual activity
  • want to be part of a community that values faith and personal calling
  • have challenged themselves academically and embraced opportunities outside the classroom
  • recognize that life, learning and service go hand-in-hand beyond the four years of college

In summary, we are looking for students who can gain the most from a Baylor experience. Students should have a demonstrated interest in becoming a Baylor Bear and be a fit spiritually, academically and financially.

Recommended High School Coursework

We recommend that high school graduates have taken the following coursework:

4 year-units

Foreign Language:
2 year-units (same language)

4 year-units (including Algebra I, Geometry, Algebra II)

Natural Science, laboratory:
4 year-units (including biology and chemistry for students who plan to enter programs in predentistry, premedicine, or nursing)

Social Science:
3 year-units (including at least one in history)