Self-Paced Online Courses

Self-Paced Online Courses (SPOCs) allow students to set their schedules and deadlines as they move through the online course content at their own pace. Baylor faculty will instruct each course, and courses will be a maximum of five students to one professor.
Students must complete the course by the final day of the term for that course. Space is very limited, and registration is on a first-come, first-serve basis.
For more information or to pursue a course, please email by July 15.
Course Description Spots Available
ENG 2310
American Literary Cultures
Literature of the United States, from the colonial encounter to the 21st century, emphasizing major works of American literature, by men and women from different regions of the United States, and from many cultural backgrounds. 3
HIS 1300
The United States in Global Perspective
An introduction to the history of the United States within a global context from 1776 to the present, this course examines the ways a distinctly American society developed within larger patterns of world history. Themes explored may include nationalism; imperialism; revolution; concepts of democracy, freedom, and equality; migration and immigration; industrialization and economic systems; and global conflict.  12
PSC 1387
The U.S. Constitution,
Its Interpretation and the American Political Experience
A study of the philosophic and historical background, development, and content of the United States Constitution and its interpretation by the Supreme Court in a complex and ever-changing multi-ethnic, multi-racial, and multi-religious society. 9