Summer 2021 Courses

If you're accepted into the summer program, an academic advisor will work with you to select the courses that will work best fit your academic goals. To get an idea of the course section that best fits your schedule, students can search Baylor’s schedule of classes. The course offerings can be narrowed down by using filters on the search page. To begin your initial search, choose:

  1. 2021-Summer
  2. Summer Session (select the session you plan to enroll) 
  3. Online

From here, if you want to filter your search further, you may choose a College (Arts & Sciences, Business, Engineering and Computer Science, Education, and so forth), as well as a Subject area under the Course Prefix filter. 

Please pay attention to the online delivery method when choosing the course that you are interested in taking:

Asynchronous classes let students complete their work on their own time. Students are given a timeframe during which they need to connect to their class. The good news is that in asynchronous courses, you could hit the books no matter what hour of day (or night). When you look at the schedule of classes, asynchronous courses won't show a day or time.

Asynchronous courses

Synchronous classes occur in real time and have set schedules with students and instructors online at the same time. You will be expected to be present and participate during designated lectures, discussion and presentation hours. When you look at the schedule of classes, synchronous courses will show specific days and time.

Synchronous courses


Current high school students will have the ability to choose from the following courses: