Summer Accelerate Program

Baylor's summer Accelerate program is a way for high school students to begin college courses in an online environment while still in high school.

Classes will be taught by Baylor faculty in the supportive Christian environment that is a hallmark of a Baylor education. Students will learn alongside their peers and also have the assurance that these classes will support most degree plans and majors.

Summer Accelerate courses will be held online and available across multiple summer sessions. Students may choose to attend as many of the summer sessions as they would like. If rising high school seniors earn a 3.0 GPA in at least 9 Baylor hours, those students will jump to the front of the line for admission into Baylor’s 2022 freshman class! Summer Semester dates for 2021 include:

  • Summer 1 (June 1-July 6)
  • Summer 2 (July 8-August 11)
Standards for Admission are as follows:
  • Accelerate prepares students for the rigor of Baylor and other college classes and if completed successfully, will demonstrate students' ability to perform in college-level courses. Academically exemplary rising high school seniors and rising high school juniors with excellent GPAs are eligible to apply. 
  • Accelerate applicants must submit transcripts with ALL high school semesters of work they have completed. 
  • A student’s high school transcript must demonstrate a strong record of academic success, reflected through mostly As and Bs in courses. Baylor recommends that students are on track to complete 4-year units of math and 4-year units of science by the time they graduate from high school. 
Here's how it works:
  • Review the summer Accelerate online course schedule and summer sessions in which they are offered.
  • Summer Accelerate classes will be held online and are available across two summer sessions. Students may choose to attend one or both sessions.
    • Summer 1 (June 1-July 6) or Summer 2 (July 8-Aug. 11)

  • Summer Accelerate courses are offered at a discounted rate for high school students at $750 an hour. Most courses are 3-4 hours of credit, so the Accelerate courses are between $2,250-3,000 a class. (A savings of $1,300 per hour!)
  • Create a goBAYLOR account at Select “Start New Application,” then “Accelerate 2021” and apply for admission to Baylor. The Accelerate application deadline is May 14.
    • No ACT or SAT score is required; simply upload an unofficial high school transcript with your application as you near the end of your current academic year. Please ensure that your full name, high school name, GPA, and grades for each semester you have completed are on the transcript.

    • Once you have been accepted to Baylor, you'll be able to access your next steps in your goBAYLOR account to complete class registration for your selected classes.


In order to ensure compliance with state laws regarding consent to treatment, the reduced student fees payable for the online summer session by non-degree-seeking students, incoming freshmen, and transfers do not permit access to Baylor Health Services or Counseling Center. Academic counseling, applicable academic accommodations for disabilities, and other academic services are available for online non-degree-seeking students, incoming freshmen, and transfers. Online students who are present in Waco may use University Libraries, McLane Student Life Center, and other facilities that are open to students. All facilities are subject to closure at any time per government order or at Baylor’s discretion.


"Even though the courses were accelerated and online, due to the quality of instruction I received, I still think that I was given a wealth of useful knowledge that I have retained to this day. All of my teachers made themselves available, explained their subjects impeccably, and you could tell that they absolutely adored their jobs. I would highly recommend this program to anyone considering applying to Baylor or anyone who wants to receive an excellent education from some of the best staff in the United States." ~ John