About Accelerate

Accelerate: Baylor University Pre-College Program gives students the opportunity to begin their academic pursuits and get ahead on general education course requirements that will apply to a range of Baylor degrees but also may be transferable to other universities. This is a unique opportunity to get a jump start on Baylor courses – and general education courses that will prepare students for college-level rigor.

Choosing to pursue college credit at Baylor during your high school days is a tremendous undertaking and is meant for only those students that are prepared to be challenged and stretched and are ready to excel. Admission to the Accelerate program is competitive; rising high school juniors and rising high school seniors are expected to demonstrate an exemplary academic record.

Students enrolled in Accelerate may be assigned classes specific for pre-college students or general Baylor sections. All course content meets the high academic standards of Baylor University and provides college-level experience and course credit. 

Students whose school is currently not an Affiliate, may be enrolled independently as they gain experience and college credit and choose from a select offering of classes taught by Baylor faculty.

For questions concerning registration for Accelerate, contact Kristy Brischke at accelerate@baylor.edu


"Accelerate gave me a jumpstart on my college experience, gave me credit hours for a discount financially, and gave me a taste of Baylor University. I was worried I wouldn’t be able to make the time for [it], but if you just take the jump, I promise the experience is well worth it — I feel more confident, prepared, and equipped for college because of it." ~ Allie