About Accelerate

Accelerate, Baylor University’s Pre-College Program, allows high school students to get a jump start on college courses. This is a unique opportunity to get ahead on Baylor courses – and general education courses that will prepare students for college-level rigor.

Courses are $750 per credit hour tuition. Most courses are 3-4 hours of credit, so the Accelerate courses are between $2,250-3,000 a class. (A savings of $1,300 per hour!) 

Admission to the Accelerate program is competitive: Rising high school juniors and rising high school seniors are expected to demonstrate an exemplary academic record with excellent GPAs of mostly As and Bs in courses.

If a rising high school senior earns a cumulative 3.0 GPA or better while completing at least 9 Baylor course hours in the SUMMER prior to their senior year, and their school record demonstrates good academic standing throughout high school, they will be considered to have met the academic requirements for admission. They may be admitted early to Baylor after completing an undergraduate admissions application (available each August). Admission is contingent on a review of additional information covering behavioral and conduct issues.

For questions concerning registration for Accelerate, please email accelerate@baylor.edu


"Accelerate gave me a jumpstart on my college experience, gave me credit hours for a discount financially, and gave me a taste of Baylor University. I was worried I wouldn’t be able to make the time for [it], but if you just take the jump, I promise the experience is well worth it — I feel more confident, prepared, and equipped for college because of it." ~ Allie