Caring Community

Caring Community

At Baylor, "Love thy neighbor" are not just words... they are a way of life.

At Baylor, service is integrated into the fabric of campus life, grounded in a Christian understanding of hospitality that motivates humble service to all. This exists within the classroom, where world-class faculty commit themselves to the education of Baylor students. It exists in the Waco community, where students, faculty and staff engage with their local community to impact people's lives. And it exists on the other side of the world, as students work to serve people of all nations as the teachings of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ teach us. Calling oneself a Baylor Bear means confessing membership in a dedicated community of academic excellence and servant leadership.

Caring for Students

A lot is expected from Baylor students, and the University is eager to provide the support and encouragement they need to reach their potential and make their Baylor experience one to remember. Whether it's adjusting to college life, dealing with personal challenges, or seeking out support to meet increased academic standards, Baylor wants its students to know they do not walk this exciting journey alone.

Caring for the World

At Baylor you will find a highly active community of faith that extends from campus into Waco, Texas and around the world. Baylor students, faculty and staff annually volunteer more than 150,000 hours of local community service at:


The University also provides tangible opportunities for students to understand how they can use the knowledge and skills they gain here at Baylor to love people around the world through Baylor Missions.

Among many efforts, students and professors have brought light to a slum in Nairobi, found innovative uses for coconut husks to improve the economics and ecology of one of the poorest regions in the Philippines, and created a health clinic for Waco's homeless.

Joining the Baylor family is an opportunity to experience a top academic environment within a dynamic Christian community.