Imperative VIII


Baylor is making it a priority to enhance community by improving the physical environment. In addition to creating green spaces and walking malls along the axes of campus, Baylor will renovate the Student Union Building to provide more appropriate meeting venues for student groups, build the Stacy Riddle Forum, construct a new intramural fields complex for recreational activity and create a prayer garden suitably located within our campus perimeter. We will give increased attention to the aesthetic value of the campus, renovating the facades of buildings whose designs are dissonant with the rest of the campus and ensuring that the major entries to the campus, as well as streets, walking plazas, landscaping and works of art form a place that promotes community. In further recognition of the importance of physical space, parking facilities will be constructed at the perimeter of the campus to move vehicles more toward the edges of activity. To provide service to the local community and increase interaction across generations, Baylor will further develop for leisure and academic use the corridor along both sides of the Brazos River and construct a Baylor Retirement Village. Finally, Baylor will continue to develop venues that enhance life on the campus and provide for major sports and other student life events.


  1. Create green spaces and walking malls

    Beginning in summer 2004, a number of parking lots were closed around campus to create more green space.

  2. Renovate the existing Student Union Building or construct a new Student Union Building

    A proposal for the renovation and restoration of the Bill Daniel Student Center that will expand the building in its present location was submitted to the Strategic Planning Council. After deliberation, other alternatives such as the construction of a new student union building also are being considered.

  3. Build the Stacy Riddle Forum

    The Stacy Riddle Forum opened in fall 2003 and is home to Baylor sororities.

  4. Construct a new intramural fields complex

    The intramural fields complex was completed and ready for use in fall 2003.

  5. Create a prayer garden

    Three prayer gardens have been established on campus.

  6. Renovate facades of buildings

    This project has yet to be initiated.

  7. Increased attention to landscaping and works of art

    A number of green spaces have been added in recent years. Attention has been given to landscaping on all major construction projects on campus. Colorful banners displaying the Baylor Institutional Mark and those for the various schools and colleges have been installed on campus to identify University spaces and support a sense of community.

  8. Construct parking facilities at the perimeter of the campus

    The third of three new parking garages opened in fall 2007.

  9. Further develop the leisure and academic corridors along both sides of the Brazos River

    The City of Waco completed construction in summer 2009 on an extension of the Brazos River Walk from under U.S. Interstate 35 to the Ferrell Center.

  10. Construct a Baylor Retirement Village

    This project has yet to be initiated.

  11. McMullen-Connally Faculty Center

    The 10,900-square-foot facility, opened in fall 2008, showcases the McMullen-Connally Family Collection.

  12. Jay and Jenny Allison Indoor Practice Facility

    The Jay and Jenny Allison Indoor Practice Facility was completed in August 2009.

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