Imperative VII


Understanding that academic excellence relies in part on superior facilities, Baylor will construct a world-class science building that will host a full complement of natural science teaching, research and experimentation on campus. Our undergraduate and graduate programs in Museum Studies will find a permanent home in the Harry and Anna Jeanes Discovery Center. Baylor will design an Academic Success Center, located prominently on campus, which will house a program aimed at increasing both student retention and graduation rates by 10 percent by the year 2012. Further, Baylor will augment its Fine Arts Programs by completing Phase II of the Music Building Project and, secondly, improve Engineering and Computer Science facilities by providing upgraded space for laboratories.

Progress Summary

  1. Construct a world-class science building

    The Baylor Sciences Building opened in fall 2004. The building was nominated for R&D Magazine’s 2005 Laboratory of the Year Award.

  2. Harry and Anna Jeanes Discovery Center

    The Mayborn Museum Complex was opened in May 2004, bringing together the resources of the Sue and Frank Mayborn Natural Science and Cultural History Museum Complex with the Harry and Anna Jeanes Discovery Center.

  3. Paul L. Foster Success Center

    The first floor and basement wings of the Sid Richardson Building were remodeled and reopened in fall 2007 to house the Paul L. Foster Success Center. The Department of Mathematics is housed on the second and third floors.

  4. Phase II of Music Building Project

    The next phase of the McCrary Music Building moved through the strategic planning process and is now being considered for the upcoming comprehensive campaign.

  5. Improve Engineering and Computer Science facilities

    Spaces in the Rogers Engineering and Computer Science Building have been repurposed for research and classroom use as required by additional faculty and expanded academic programs.

  6. Other academic facilities

    Morrison Hall was renovated and rededicated in fall 2002. The Moody Memorial Library facilities have been enhanced through the creation of the Prichard Information Commons and the conversion of the Garden Level of the library into 24-hour study space. The first floor of Cashion Academic Center has been renovated to create three learning labs. The Simpson Athletics and Academic Center opened in fall 2008.

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