Imperative II


The heart of the Baylor experience rests in the communion of ideas, experiences and relationships on campus. To facilitate and energize campus life, Baylor will seek to make more desirable residence halls available so that at least 50 percent of Baylor undergraduates are living on campus by 2012. Further, we will develop walking malls along the axes of campus to enhance the total social and relational environment. To complement the physical design of the campus, Baylor will create robust student life programming to enrich the life of the University and to cultivate social skills, leadership and physical fitness; therefore, a full array of opportunities for students to develop lifelong friendships will exist.


Progress Summary



  1. Improve Residential Facilities


    North Village and Brooks Village have been constructed during the tenure of Baylor 2012. Eight living-learning programs have been implemented. The faculty-in-residence program was initiated and has since grown to eight faculty members residing in apartments within the residential communities. The faculty partners program has been implemented. In addition, current residential communities have undergone significant renovations, such as Kokernot Residence Hall and the creation of the new Memorial Chapel.


  2. Increase Number of Undergraduates Living on Campus


    Both number and percentage of undergraduates living on campus have increased. As of fiscal year 2009, there are 4,693 beds available and 39 percent of undergraduate students live on campus.


  3. Enhance the Social and Relational Environment


    Improvements have been made to the Bill Daniel Student Center. The Stacy Riddle Forum has been constructed and opened. The Place2BU program has been established and expanded. Baylor traditions of education and enrichment have been enhanced and common spaces on campus have been made more appealing. University 1000 has been redesigned to help nurture all students as they transition from high school to college life or as they move into the Baylor community from another college setting.