What is a Baylor education worth?

Ask a Baylor graduate and the answer is likely to be: priceless. After all, Baylor is unique--a preeminent teaching university with a rigorous and growing research component, strengthened by a distinctive Christian commitment.

For years, Baylor has had the lowest tuition of any major private university in Texas - significantly lower than most of its national peers. That continues today.

Although we chose to increase tuition to offer more resources, such as more world-class faculty and facilities, Baylor is still a great value.

What is more, this new tuition structure allows us to reach a broader and more diverse group of students. For example, in Fall 2008 freshmen minority enrollment reached 31%. Continued responsible financial management has insured long-term stability and student access to financial assistance. In 2008, approximately 86% of Baylor undergraduate students received student financial assistance.

This makes Baylor unique not only in its values, but in its value as well.