Are futures a good investment?

Our students are our futures. Since 1845, we have invested in them, and the returns have been impressive. With Baylor 2012 that investment is continuing.

Our goal has been to create a community of students who influence each other, and ultimately society, in a positive way. To do this, we surround them with the best teachers and technology. We continue to improve student/faculty ratios, class sizes and graduation rates.

With the addition of new professors, our student to faculty ratio has dropped from almost 19 to 1 in 2001 to 15 to 1 in 2008. And our goal is to reach 12.7 to 1. On average, just over 28 students sit in a Baylor classroom, a substantial drop since 2001.

Many teachers also work with students outside the classroom, and on service projects, which helps to foster a strong community environment.

These investments continue to pay dividends. A recent study shows that Baylor students report themselves significantly more satisfied with almost every aspect of their undergraduate experience (approximately 90 percent of the items measured) than students at other private institutions.