Research. Teaching. Does it have to be either/or?

We believe there is a "third way." Baylor is renowned for its great teachers, and is committed to an environment where our professors teach our undergraduates. But we recognize that Baylor needs to be an active participant in the discovery of new knowledge, not just in the dissemination of existing knowledge. Of course, this is nothing new at Baylor. Rather, it is a strengthening of our commitment to those scholarly activities that enhance what occurs in the classroom.

Research does not detract from our teaching mission; it enhances and energizes it. Indeed, many of our best teachers also happen to be some of our most active researchers.

Baylor students are also given more opportunities to become involved in cutting-edge research with scholars around the world and across all disciplines. Today, 40% of all Baylor undergraduates report being engaged in research outside the classroom.

Our belief is that Baylor 2012 will move Baylor forward to becoming a voice in the battle for cultural content. A balanced program of teaching and research will create an ongoing cycle of discovery and dissemination of knowledge to help us achieve that goal.