Imperative XII

Achieve a $2 billion endowment

To sustain a strong student scholarship program, to create excellence in academic and student life programming, to provide support for key academic chairs and professorships, and to enable the other imperatives of this 10-year vision, Baylor will build an endowment with a corpus of two billion dollars by 2012. Through successful fund-raising, shrewd asset management, and responsible stewardship, Baylor will develop endowed resources on par with some of the nation's top-tier universities.

Progress summary

We are making progress. Although lagging behind the projection line, the market value has been steadily increasing over the past three years. The market value of the university endowment is $1.02B as of May 31, 2007. (Fig. 12.1)

A successful comprehensive fund raising campaign with heavy emphasis on gifts earmarked for endowment will greatly enhance our progress toward achievement of Imperative XII by 2012.

The NACUBO rank of total endowment has been steadily increasing since fiscal year 2003. Baylor achieved a national rank of 74th in fiscal year 2007. (Fig. 12.2)

The endowment per student full-time equivalent (FTE) has been steadily increasing. The endowment per student FTE for fiscal year 2007 was $73,881 which corresponded to a NACUBO ranking of 179 — the highest rank that Baylor has achieved. (Figs. 12.3, 12.4)