Imperative IV

Attract and support a top-tier student body

In coordination with recruiting and retaining a world-class faculty,

  1. Baylor will recruit a student body of high academic merit, Christian character, commitment to service, and potential for leadership. We are on track. Consideration for admission to Baylor is highly competitive. Baylor seeks to enroll students with strong academic preparation who show the greatest potential to succeed at Baylor. In addition, the Office of Admission Services recruits and admits future graduates of Baylor University, not simply first-year students. Factors considered include the student's extracurricular activities and the duration of involvement, leadership experience, and community service activities, as well as teacher recommendations, answers to application questions, legacy, and the extent to which a student has pursued the university (indicating a greater knowledge of the university's mission and vision). Based on data from a survey administered annually to first-year students, we are continuing to attract students who are spiritually- as well as service-oriented. The average SAT score of first-year students is steadily increasing. At present, we are on target for making the goal of 1250. The average GRE score for graduate students is increasing, and we are on target for reaching the goal of 1220. The average GMAT score of Hankamer School of Business graduate students has been decreasing over the last four years.
  2. We will seek students from a range of backgrounds to enrich our community. We are making progress. The percentage of minority undergraduate and graduate students has been increasing, especially for undergraduate enrollment.
  3. Through scholarships and other forms of support, we will further enhance Baylor's student profile at both the undergraduate and graduate levels. We are making progress. The number of institutional scholarships and the total amounts of those scholarships accepted by undergraduate students has steadily increased. The number of institutional scholarships accepted by graduate students has slightly decreased. The total amount of scholarships accepted by graduate students has increased over the same time period.