Imperative IX

Enhance involvement of the entire Baylor family

To involve the entire range of groups with ties to the University in meaningful relationships with Baylor, we will use emerging technologies to facilitate increased on- and off-campus events, conferences and outreach programs not only for students, faculty and staff, but also for key off-campus constituent groups. Included in the groups with whom Baylor will interact on a regular and concerted basis are prospective students and their parents, alumni, the Central Texas community, Baptists and other Christians, government and other regulatory bodies and members of the higher education community of institutions. Baylor will strengthen and focus its recruiting efforts to introduce a wider audience to the University at a younger age through the effective use of campus facilities.

Original Goals to Achieve Imperative IX

  • Increase on- and off-campus events and outreach for all constituents of Baylor, including students and alumni
  • Create direct resources for continuing education and lifelong learning and relationship building
  • Develop a broader array of strategies for communication with alumni, as well as other constituents, including strategies for contact databases and management
  • Build contacts and increase frequency of outreach to high school and pre-high school students