Imperative VIII

Construct useful and aesthetically pleasing physical spaces

Baylor is making it a priority to enhance community by improving the physical environment. In addition to creating green spaces and walking malls along the axes of campus, Baylor will renovate the Student Union Building to provide more appropriate meeting venues for student groups, build the Stacy Riddle Forum, construct a new intramural fields complex for recreational activity and create a Prayer Garden suitably located within our campus perimeter. We will give increased attention to the aesthetic value of the campus, renovating the facades of buildings whose designs are dissonant with the rest of the campus and ensuring that the major entries to the campus, as well as streets, walking plazas, landscaping and works of art form a place that promotes community. In further recognition of the importance of physical space, parking facilities will be constructed at the perimeter of the campus to move vehicles more toward the edges of activity. To provide service to the local community and increase interaction across generations, Baylor will further develop for leisure and academic use the corridor along both sides of the Brazos River and construct a Baylor Retirement Village. Finally, Baylor will continue to develop venues that enhance life on the campus and provide for major sports and other student life events.

Original Goals to Achieve Imperative VIII

  • Create green spaces and walking malls along the axes of campus
  • Renovate the Student Union Building
  • Construct the Stacy Riddle Panhellenic Building
  • Build a new intramural complex
  • Renovate and update selected buildings and increase overall emphasis on landscaping and artwork
  • Create a Prayer Garden and Retirement Village
  • Build parking garages where needed on the periphery of campus