Community Benefits - Waco and Central Texas

Central Texas is home to a unique neighbor, one that is known around the world as the largest Baptist University. For more than a century, this community has benefited from a local resource that could educate its children, teach its adults through continuing education courses and provide cultural activities that enhance everyone's lives.

Baylor also represents a resource for people in the workforce, cultural and social events, opportunities for learning and a place for central Texans to attend school. As the university grows, the value of these resources continues to expand and benefits the region economically, culturally and through increased attention to the area.

Baylor 2012 provides a broader resource for education in more diverse and advanced fields. In addition, we have seen growth in cultural activities and, as a result, an influx of visitors. All of these educational opportunities can be utilized by people in the community to continue learning, discover new things and explore all that the institution can offer. No previous connection to the school or the Baptist community is required.

Even as Baylor draws from its original mission, it continues to look forward to how it is perceived and understood by the general population. As it garners more attention and awareness, so will its community neighbors. This attention will increase the number of visitors to the area, meaning more return on the investments of those nearby.

Within Waco, Baylor is becoming more attractive and substantial physically. In addition, there are facilities that can house and support the needs of the community. Businesses and organizations have increased opportunities for partnership with an ever more prestigious institution. As Baylor continues to extend further into the world, both to gain and share knowledge that is consistent with Christian virtues, the community's reach expands.