Alumni Benefits

The experience of attending Baylor is rich and diverse. As a result, all graduates remember and are connected to Baylor in different ways. The Baylor "I remember" is different for everyone: one might recall fellowship, relationships and spiritual growth, while another might remember academics, research and studying. What we hope they all share is a fond love for and justified pride in their alma mater-both as it was for them and as it will be for future alumni. That has always been a goal for Baylor University, and it is a goal shared by Baylor 2012.

Baylor's unique mission has always been to be an institution deserving of recognition and praise, and therefore a source of pride for those who have attended. Baylor 2012 has reinvigorated and formally acted upon that mission for future generations. The result is a Baylor that instills pride not only in its unique heritage, but also in its growth and reputation in the ever-changing and highly competitive academic community. Baylor 2012 augments the value of the degree by continuing to elevate Baylor in reputation and recognition, without sacrificing the unique personal and spiritual virtues that have been integral to the University for over 150 years.

No place of learning can afford to stand still-the status quo does not account for new changes in the world. As such, Baylor 2012 is responsible to previous generations of students to continually seek the cutting edge. So, every alumnus and alumna can be a part of something new and vital by having been a part of Baylor before. And the rewards of attending, investing in and supporting Baylor will continue to increase through ongoing opportunities for education and "homecoming."

Baylor 2012 has created a physical place that is inviting and more beautiful than it was when each student left. It is putting into place building and beautification programs that can be shared by everyone, even as they walk among the buildings and places they loved before.

All of these efforts continue to increase the value of having gone to Baylor and expand the reach and reputation of Baylor into the "real world" toward which every graduate moves. It also affirms and builds awareness and confidence in the ability to grow intellectually as a Christian in a faith-based setting.