Student Benefits

Every Baylor student is witnessing firsthand the changes of Baylor 2012—in the classroom, across campus and in the social and spiritual opportunities that Baylor fosters. The effects of 2012 are far-reaching, and each student benefits from the first day on campus. In spirit, it allows them to be a part of a progressive university that sets lofty goals and measures its success against those goals.

Baylor 2012 brings the mission of the University to life: to be a world-class academic institution built on Christian faith for each generation of students, giving them the opportunity to accomplish academic goals while learning to be lifelong stewards of their faith. At the same time, Baylor is building its reputation and calling attention to itself not only as a Christian institution, but also as a highly competitive academic institution.

In the classroom, students have better access to academic support and closer relationships with professors. They have the opportunity to build a well-rounded education with more options to extend education in post-graduate study. Baylor 2012 also places an emphasis on extending the reach of Baylor and its programs into the global community, providing opportunities to truly expand each student's horizons.

New buildings have been completed that provide access to facilities and tools for learning, resulting in uninhibited exploration, as well as more opportunities to participate in scholarly research. And as the faculty and academic reputation of the University continues to grow, so will the value of the degree plan students select.

Outside the classroom, Baylor has become an ever more beautiful and collegial setting, providing a place to experience a greater level of learning and relationship building, as well as a more comfortable and resource-rich place to feel "at home." The result is a holistic experience while on campus, supplemented by the promise of a highly valuable and recognized degree. This means a lifetime of return on each student's investment.

Prospective students exploring what Baylor has to offer discover something truly special. Baylor 2012 continues to set Baylor apart from other schools by pursuing its unique mission and taking deliberate strides to be firmly considered in the upper ranks of the higher education community. For incoming students, Baylor continues to keep an eye on its future and seeks ways to be better, class after class. Just as students demand more and more from their school of choice, Baylor 2012 promises more and more for Baylor.

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