Baylor 2012 History

Since its founding in 1845, Baylor has continued to evolve, grow and expand to always be a leading institution of higher education, as well as a leader to the Christian community. In fact, change and growth are essential to what Baylor is, has been and will always be. As stated in the founding documents for the University, it is an institution that can and must be "susceptible of enlargement and development to meet the needs of all ages to come."

The ability and willingness of Baylor to adapt and change to achieve continual progress can be traced throughout its history. It has endured and survived hardships, from financial hardship, to the Great Depression, to world wars. It made a historic and critical decision to move from Independence to Waco, its current home. It divested its medical and dental schools at a time when that proved to be the most prudent decision for the success of each program. It even had the foresight and fortitude to change its very charter to insulate the institution from denominational struggles.

Had Baylor and its leaders throughout history not faced these decisions and challenges with foresight and a commitment to progress, it would not be the leading university that it is today. And it is that very spirit of progress that is invoked by Baylor 2012. The vision for the University will continue to help Baylor adapt and grow with the world around it, while ever strengthening its original mission and heritage.