What Are the 2012 Imperatives?

Progress always starts with a vision. A plan for moving forward. For Baylor, that vision began in 2002 with the development of Baylor 2012. This plan represents a new and exciting path for the future. The purpose has been to assume a unique leadership position in higher education by adding new faculty, facilities and programs, all while retaining and remaining grounded in our strong Christian mission.

Baylor 2012 is a ten-year vision statement developed to set goals for moving Baylor into the upper echelons of higher education. Plans for creating such a vision statement began in 2000 and included broad input from faculty, staff, alumni, students and other members of the Baylor family. It was presented to, and unanimously approved by, the Board of Regents in September of 2001. The 2012 Vision includes 12 imperatives necessary for the school to become recognized as a "top tier" institution. These imperatives range from academic and scholarly initiatives, to student life and campus expansion and improvement, to reaffirmation of faith-based learning, to athletics.

We invite you to learn more about Baylor 2012. The links to the left take you through an in-depth exploration of each of the 12 Imperatives.