Why is Baylor 2012 Important to the University?

In 1891, Baylor President Rufus C. Burleson called upon alumni to pull together to help “put Baylor in front of the greatest universities on this continent.” Baylor 2012 represents the new iteration of this perpetual pursuit. Achieving this vision will be a clear sign that the University remains one built, as the founders stated, “to meet the needs of all ages to come.”

The Baylor of 2012 is a community that more than ever reaches beyond the campus both to serve members of its extended family and to receive their support and encouragement. If the nuclear University family is made up of current students, faculty, and staff, there exists also the extended family of younger students who may someday be at Baylor, students who have been recruited but are not yet on campus, alumni, community members, churches, parents of students present, past, and future, and others who bear vital relations to the University.

It is this extended family which holds promise for our future, presents evidence of our past and from which we will weave a lasting tapestry of Baylor supporters and beneficiaries.