About 2012

In 2002, Baylor embarked on an exciting path for the future called Baylor 2012. The purpose has been to ascend to a unique leadership position in higher education while remaining grounded in our strong Christian mission. Since its founding in 1845, Baylor University has held remarkably true to its cornerstone principles of Christian scholarship while challenging and preparing students for lives of faithfulness and excellence. Building upon its strong Christian foundation and with continuous guidance from that legacy and tradition, Baylor sought through its 10-year vision to achieve higher levels of expectations and excellence in all phases and aspects of the University.

The framework of Baylor 2012 has been firmly grounded in core convictions that describe the inspiration behind the University’s bold vision to enter the upper echelon in all areas of higher learning – from the establishment of additional challenging academic programs, to the continued recruitment of world-class faculty, to the construction of outstanding academic facilities.

Baylor, through this vision, has dedicated itself above all to the development and shaping of its students. Each imperative of Baylor 2012 was designed to develop students of integrity and faith, while equipping them to reach the highest levels of academic and educational achievement.