Looking at your Budget

You view the budgets for which you are responsible through the TRAX on-line system. To use the TRAX system, you will need a TRAX user ID which requires attending TRAX training. For information on how to get a TRAX user ID see this website: Getting Started.

If you are brand new, and don't yet have access to TRAX, and you need to see your budget immediately, call your KBC or the TRAX Helpline at 8704.

Use TRAX Reporting to check the balances in your departmental accounts. These two TRAX reports will help you:

  • The Budget Summary Report -- provides an up-to-date summary of your departmental accounts at a glance. It also allows you to "drill down" into a particular account to see the transactions that have occurred on that account.
  • The Budget Detail Statement -- can show you all activity for a particular Department I.D. for a particular month. This is especially useful for keeping track of restricted funds and other funds outside of your regular department budget.