Technology Security

A large virus outbreak or computer security breach can cost the university thousands of dollars in wasted time and software expenses. Identity theft is the fastest growing crime in the United States. ITS works very hard to protect Baylor and Baylor employees from viruses and security breaches -- but the most expensive security system in the world is worthless unless the people who use the system take the necessary precautions. Your responsibility as chair is to encourage the people in your department to take those necessary precautions. To do that you need to be informed about those precautions yourself.

The fastest way to get the basics is to take the ITS security CBT lesson. The lesson takes 30 minutes or less and you can complete it at your desk. Click on this link for instructions on how to take the lesson and receive professional development credit: ITS Security CBT lesson.

For more information about safe computing, see this link: Safe Computing.

If you have questions or concerns about ITS security, please contact the helpline at 254-710-4357(HELP).