Scholarships & Grants

Scholarships & Grants

Allbritton Art Institute student scholarships

Since 1998, the Allbritton Art Institute has awarded over $210,000 in merit scholarships to art history majors enrolled at Baylor University. Current scholarship funding exceeds $21,000 per academic year. Each spring, the University’s art history faculty nominate those majors who have consistently distinguished themselves among their peers; (students do not apply). Nominees must meet a minimum GPA requirement and have completed a sufficient amount of coursework specific to the discipline to be considered. Faculty nominate students who have demonstrated consistent excellence in their studies, good citizenship, and a commitment to continuing study and careers related to the field of art history. Each year, the Scholarship Committee strives to select the most deserving candidate to represent the art history program. Allbritton Scholars attend and are recognized at Institute events.

Melody Ray is the 2020-21 recipient of a scholarship awarded each academic year by the Institute.

Current nominating and voting AAI Scholarship Committee members: Dr. Nathan Elkins, Dr. Katie Larson and Dr. Heidi Hornik.

AAI Assistant Director Dodi Holland facilitates meetings and currently serves as the Committee Chair.

Field studies in art history travel grant for student research projects (ART 4100)

Each semester, students enrolled in select art history courses are invited to apply for participation in a field studies course that includes group travel.* Interested and eligible students enroll in an additional one-credit-hour course, ART 4100, and conduct research projects in situ. Students benefit from academic experiences that are shared with faculty and their peers. Group itineraries are set to include destinations that support approved individual student research projects. The Institute funds all group-related travel expenses, including airfare, hotel, museums admissions, reference room appointments, and curator/specialty guide honorariums, etc. Student participants are responsible for individual meals and personal expenditures.

*Professors select travel destinations which are announced to students. Professors and students collaborate on research projects suitable to the destination and that can result in enhanced understanding by viewing the original works of art.

The opportunity for undergraduates to conduct funded field research is unique to Baylor’s Allbritton Art Institute. It was the defining vision of Mr. and Mrs. Joe Allbritton to ensure art studies are furthered by direct interaction and experiences with original works of art. Art faculty and students remain indebted to the continued commitment of the Allbritton family.

Baylor students benefit by taking classes taught by professors actively conducting research in their respective fields.

Art Faculty Research Grants

Each year, the Institute funds approximately $27,500 in research grants to support the scholarship of Baylor’s art history and studio art faculty. Qualifying scholarship must meet specific confirmed scholarship objectives (as defined in the Faculty Guide for Scholarship Expectations in the Department of Art, dated 4/26/00) and include clearly defined procedure and methodology.

Current Committee members: Professor Winter Rusiloski, Dr. Heidi Hornik, and Professor Virginia Green, Committee Chair.