The Allbritton Art Institute is central to the high-quality education in the visual arts at Baylor University. Through the generosity of Barbara Allbritton and the late Joe Allbritton, the Institute subsidizes national and international field-study courses that pertain to subjects in nineteenth-century and modern and contemporary art history, allowing qualified students the rare opportunity to study and learn – at little cost to themselves – in front of original works at major museums and monuments in important cities in Europe and America. Past field-study destinations include as New York, Chicago, London, Paris, Amsterdam, Berlin, Milan, and more. Faculty affiliated with the Institute are active scholars and bring their expertise, passion, and charisma into their teaching, igniting a shared appreciation for learning and critical discourses among our students.

The Institute further supports the study of the visual arts with a substantial scholarship awarded annually to our most distinguished student. By bringing world-class artists and scholars to campus, the Institute impacts the entire community, as student and faculty across the university and the Central Texas community are exposed to voices that actively shape global artistic and historical discourses.

The history of art is not a means unto itself; our students learn to engage with complex methodologies, contextual thinking, and a variety of world cultures separated by time and space. In addition to providing students with a solid foundation for advanced study in art history and related disciplines, Institute resources and faculty help to empower students to become cosmopolitan, introspective, and thoughtful members of society who are prepared to engage with issues facing the nation and the globe. Our students are prepared to enter a number of professional capacities where insight, discernment, and critical thought are prized skills.

Nathan T. Elkins, Ph.D., Director
Allbritton Art Institute

Baylor University Art Historian Nathan Elkins Has Been Named Director of Allbritton Art Institute