Special Opportunities


The Allbritton Art Institute presents an annual lecture featuring distinguished art historians and scholars from the United States and abroad. Students and the public take advantage of these rare opportunities to hear learned discussions of topics relating to nineteenth and twentieth century art.

Field Studies

Institute courses include one or more supervised field study trips each semester. Destinations are leading museums that provide opportunity for direct exposure to important collections and special art exhibitions of the nineteenth and twentieth centuries.


Each year several Allbritton Art Institute scholarships are awarded to art history majors recommended by the art history faculty of the Department of Art.

Field Trips

The Allbritton Art Institute conducts regional field trips funding transportation and admissions to museums allowing Baylor students the opportunity to view artwork with faculty and their peers in Dallas, Ft. Worth, Houston, and San Antonio, TX. Each year, the Institute co-sponsors a regional trip with Baylor’s Department of Art and Art History.

As well, the Institute sponsors individual AAI class Field Trips for students to experience and gain insight from special exhibitions that directly relate to their current studies within nineteenth and twentieth century art.