Bikes: There are a limited number of bicycles (20) in the studio. Bikes will be given on a first come, first served basis.

Photo ID: You must bring your BAYLOR ID or Campus Recreation membership card to all classes.
  • If you attend classes between 6:15am and 5:00pm, present your ID card to your instructor.
  • If you attend classes after 5:00pm, present your ID card to the Rec Service Team at the Russell desk.
Arrive Early: To ensure that you have a seat in the class, we recommend that you arrive about 10-15 minutes early and take a numbered pass (located outside the studio door). You will hand this pass to your instructor at the start of class.

Free Trial: You may come for one free trial of our cycling classes. Take a Free Trial Pass tag located outside the studio door. Please note that MEMBERS will get first priority, even if you arrived before them.

Seating: The studio will open for seating 5 minutes prior to the class time.
  • Members will have first priority on seating until the class begins.
  • At the time class begins, all persons with a free trial pass may choose a bike.
Shoes: Road cycling shoes (with SPD cleats), cross training, or hard-soled shoes are recommended.

What to Bring: Please bring a workout towel and a water bottle with you to every class!
  • In order to reduce our laundry load, we ask that you use your sweat towel to clean your bike at the end of class as well. We do not have a laundry facility available to us at Russell Gym, so it will help us greatly if our members will use their own towels.
What NOT to Bring: Please do not bring valuables to class. Campus Recreation is not responsible for lost or stolen items. Also, please do not bring bulky items (backpacks, etc.), as there is limited space in the studio.