F45 is a high-intensity, 45-minute circuit workout, targeting areas of the body used for daily functioning. F45 workouts change regularly, so participants are sure to get something new each time they come to class! Instructors train on the proper use of the F45 equipment and help participants develop new techniques to maximize their workout.

Monday/Wednesday/Friday classes focus on cardio, and Tuesday/Thursday classes focus on strength training. Weekend workouts will primarily be hybrid sessions, including both strength and cardio.

Our staff are trained to help each participant reach their goals and are able to modify exercises to any fitness level.

F45 Membership Fees:

  • Spring 2023 Semester: $50 

Membership includes full access to any F45 sessions as well as all FitWell classes.

*F45 Memberships are available to all students, student spouses, faculty/staff spouses, and eligible dependents. 

F45 Studio:
The F45 studio is located on the third floor of the SLC. Follow alongside the track to the back wall of the third floor, you won't miss it!