Group X

Our extensive aerobics program offers over 50 fun and effective classes, such as indoor cycling, Zumba, MMA/boxing conditioning, yoga, barre, and more! Our friendly, skilled instructors will encourage you to reach your fitness goals and offer challenging classes to get you there. There is a class for everyone! Come try them out!

Group X Program Membership Fees:
Spring 2021: FREE

*Group X Memberships are available to all students, student spouses, faculty/staff spouses and eligible dependents. Dependent must be at least 16 years old. For Baylor Faculty and Staff, please check out our OsoFit Program.

Membership includes: Full access to all Bearobics AND Bear Cycle classes offered. Those interested in a combo Group X and F45 membership can purchase now for $40!!

Bearobics Studio:
The Bearobics Studio is located on the third floor of the McLane SLC, adjacent to the elevator on the left side of the building.