1. How do I register to become a Baylor WELL Department?

You can find the registration link HERE


2. What does my department have to do to be a Baylor WELL Department?

The requirements for being a Baylor WELL Department are listed HERE


3. Do I have to do all of the requirements to be a Baylor WELL Department?

In order to receive recognition as a Baylor WELL Department, all of the requirements listed must be met. You can find them HERE. But, we appreciate any effort your department makes to becoming well!


4. How long does my department have to do these requirements in order to be a Baylor WELL Department?

We hope that the implementation of these wellness practices will become permanent, but at this time you only need to do them for the academic year.


5. Does my whole department have to participate?

It is not a requirement for the entire department to participate. In the PDF of requirements, you will see that each individual item lists a percentage necessary to achieve each requirement.