The Program for the Future Church was established in 2021 at Baylor University’s George W. Truett Theological Seminary as a collaborative project aimed at bringing people together to collectively engage and respond to complex ministry challenges. By engaging in contextually-centered research, the PFFC developed from a vision to strengthen the collaborations, conditions, and conceptual frameworks that support local churches and those who lead them. Co-Founded by Dr. Angela Gorrell and Dr. Dustin Benac, the PFFC was formed with the underlying values of Collaboration, Convening, Conjunctive Imagination, Contextual Engagement, and Creativity as foundational to the development of the program as a hub for collaborative research and development.

Dr. Gorrell transitioned to pursue other creative opportunities in 2022, and the original Co-Director structure of the program shifted to sole Director. Reflective of the dynamic communities we serve, the PFFC continues to attentively adapt and change based on individual and collective needs. Effectively addressing the complexity of the shifting theological and educational landscapes requires a multitude of voices, experiences, and partners. As such, the PFFC desires to bring together church and community leaders, students, and professors for listening and imagining. Our Program Team includes a range of experience, networks, and passions, enriching this collaborative work in incredible ways. We will also have several types of Fellows (masters, DMin, Ph.D.) working, researching, learning, and innovating alongside one another and professors in multiple disciplines in order to engage in contextual, meaningful theological education grounded in practical theology methods of action and reflection while we continue to remain grounded in our named values.

As the PFFC continues to build a collaborative community that pilots solutions for emerging and pressing challenges that face the Church, we hope you will join us in this adaptive work and expand our capacity to create change!

George W. Truett Theological Seminary