Degree Plan

Core Courses 12
THEO 7340 Introduction to Christian Scriptures 3
THEO 7345 Introduction to Christian Theology 3
WOCW 7385 Introduction to Christian Witness and Mission 3
PRTH 7101 Spiritual Formation I 1
PRTH 7102 Spiritual Formation II 1
PRTH 7103 Spiritual Formation III 1
Theology, Ecology, and Food Justice 15
THEO 7310 Doctrine of Creation 3
PRTH 7340 Creation Care as Spiritual Practice 3
TEFJ 7330 Foundations of Food Justice 3
TEFJ 7340 The Intersection of Theology, Food Justice, and Public Policy 3
TEFJ 7350 Theology, Ecology and Food Justice: Historical and Contemporary Models 3
Electives 12
Elective courses may include other courses in the Theology, Ecology and Food Justice Program or courses in other departments across the Baylor University campus (e.g., Economics, English, Environmental Science, Management, Nutrition and Social Work). 12
Mentoring 6
MENT 7V00 Mentoring in Ministry 6
Total Hours 45

George W. Truett Theological Seminary