Master of Arts (M.A.) in Contextual Witness and Innovation

"This new degree expands the notion of calling to include all kinds of giftings and vocations, and it affirms that genuine and impactful witness to Christ takes place through our engagement with critical problems here and around the world." —Michael Stroope, PhD, Professor, Holder of the M.C. Shook Chair of Missions, and Program Director

The Master of Arts in Contextual Witness and Innovation is intended for students seeking to create social and economic change by way of innovative practices while at the same time bearing witness to Jesus Christ and the gospel. This 38-hour degree based on a residential cohort model is designed to be completed in one year.

Degree Highlights:
  • A focus on divine gifting and calling to serve God and others through all vocations
  • A residential cohort model in which students begin each fall and track together as a community through the same courses and learning experiences
  • Occasional field trips on weekends and holidays to visit social enterprises and innovators
  • Mentorship in an area of their interest with innovators for the purpose of developing relationships, garnering skills, and incubating ideas
  • Networking opportunities in order that students might build relationships
Educational Experience:

Learning is enhanced by a residential cohort model of education in which students begin and end together, take the same classes, and build community for support and learning. In addition to class seminars, students will interact with innovators and witnesses from around the world, nurture their spiritual life through covenant groups, and explore models of innovation. The learning experience culminates with the student participating in an “incubator” internship experience where innovation in various expressions and Christian witness are already occurring.

Learning Outcomes:

M.A. in Contextual Witness and Innovation graduates will...

  • Increase their knowledge of Scriptures and theology
  • Explore a theology of vocation and work
  • Acquire skills necessary to foment innovation and garner resources
  • Develop ways to offer a contextual witness to Jesus Christ
  • Integrate spiritual practices into their lives
  • Design a life plan for witness and innovation
Scholarship Opportunities:

Students pursuing the M.A. in Contextual Witness and Innovation are eligible to apply for Truett Seminary scholarships. Click here to learn more about scholarship opportunities for new students.

Next Steps:

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