Values and Pillars

Our Values

  • Collaborative: Partnering with scholars, students, and church and community leaders to join in what God is already doing to mend a fractured world
  • Convening: Gathering though leaders and church and community leaders for catalytic conversations
  • Conjunctive Imagination: Responding to challenges that appear to offer either/or options by exploring the possibilities of “and”
  • Context: Centering the contextual concerns and local wisdom of faith communities as the imaginative center for research and programs
  • Creative: Fostering pastoral and ecclesial imagination through ideation, innovation, practice, and writing
  • Our Pillars

    The Program for the Future Church organizes its efforts around four pillars:


    The PFFC nurtures imaginative, adaptive, resilient, shared leadership with specific attention to women in leadership.


    The PFFC nurtures understanding of the cultures, contexts, issues, questions, and illuminations of the next generation.


    The PFFC nurtures best practices in teaching and learning, helping ministry leaders to develop participatory, creative, story-driven, dialogical, holistic, hybrid learning communities.


    The PFFC nurtures sacred space, faithful presence, and compassionate witness in relation to the lived experience of people of faith. The PFFC explores mental and spiritual health in an integrated way, critical aspects of attending to suffering, individual and collective responses to crises, character and virtue development, best practices in promoting equity and justice and nurturing respectful dialogue across lines of difference. The PFFC also investigates critical aspects of human flourishing such as meaning, love, peace, hope, and joy.

George W. Truett Theological Seminary