George W. Truett Theological Seminary provides scholarships for the Sports Ministry Program for select students who demonstrate an outstanding combination of academic ability, leadership potential, and ministry experience.

This scholarship is designed for students called into sports chaplaincy/ministry. The Sports Ministry Scholarship is an award that provides generous tuition support for students who are pursuing the Master of Divinity degree or Master of Arts in Christian Ministry at Truett Seminary.

Download Scholarship Application
  • Completed and submitted a Sports Ministry Scholarship application
  • New Students: Signed and committed to either the Sports Ministry concentration (M.A.) or the certificate of studies (M.Div.)
  • Returning Students: Completed annual certification of Sports Ministry concentration or certificate of studies

Factors and Criteria

The following factors and criteria will be used when determining the award amounts for a Sports Ministry Scholarship:

  • GPA (undergraduate and seminary as applicable)
  • Pre-seminary engagement with the Director of Sports Ministry
  • Past and current Sports Ministry involvement and leadership
  • Involvement with Truett’s Sports Ministry activities
  • Ministry service while in seminary
  • Evaluation of the answers on the Sports Ministry scholarship application
  • Evaluation of the progress in the Sports Ministry program and course work (occurs in Spring semester for Fall term and Fall semester for Spring term)
  • Financial need
  • Current number of students receiving the scholarship and annual award amounts

Application Deadline Entering Semester
April 1 Summer
June 1 Fall
October 15 Spring

Completed applications should be emailed to or mailed to:

George W. Truett Theological Seminary
Baylor University
Attn: Admissions
Sports Ministry
One Bear Place #97126
Waco, TX 76798-7126

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