Program Benefits & Testimonials

Leadership Development

Good leaders are good learners. Our certificate courses help you develop as a leader by giving you opportunities for personal growth. You will get specially-designed engagement activities developed by trained experts, as well as constructive and meaningful feedback. Through the courses you can strengthen your Christian theological foundation, learn best practices, and recommit to the “why” behind your involvement in sports.

Continuing Education

Whether your formal education ended with a high school diploma or a college degree, our courses provide a way to continue to learn in a structured environment. We accept students from any academic background. That said, those who have already taken college courses in Christian ministry, sport management, coaching, education, or similar programs would be most likely to find that our courses build on subjects they have previously studied.

Spiritual Growth

Thanks to the widespread presence of Christian sports ministry organizations, many Christians have already begun to think about how their faith intersects with athletics. We want to continue that process. Our courses will either introduce you to new concepts and ideas, or they will help you expand and build on concepts and ideas that you’ve considered before. And since we envision spiritual growth as a holistic process involving mind, body, and soul, our courses will make sure to connect new “head” knowledge with personal “heart” application.

Personal Enrichment

We don’t teach the “Xs” and “Os” of any particular sport, but we do believe that our courses can help you re-center your focus on what truly matters in sports and in life. If you’ve become so consumed by sports that you’re feeling burned out, we hope our courses will give you a chance to pause, reflect, and refresh. And if you’re as passionate as ever about your work in sports, our classes can equip you to channel that passion and take it to new heights.

Community and Relationships

Perhaps you’d like to connect with other like-minded Christians in sports who are wrestling with the same questions and concerns as you. Our courses are designed to give you the opportunity to network and build relationships if you so choose. While all of the course work is online and can be done on your own, there are built-in opportunities for interaction with other students and with the instructor.

Professional Credentials

Upon successful completion of a course, you can include it on your resume or curriculum vitae as an example of continuing education and development. After successfully finishing a course, you will receive a certificate of completion from Baylor’s Continuing Education office. While you can take our classes as stand-alone offerings, you can also pursue a Certificate in Sports Culture and Leadership from the Faith & Sports Institute. To receive this, you must complete our two core courses—“Sports and Theology” and “Sports Leadership"—as well as any two additional electives.


Willie Williams
Head Men's Basketball Coach, Carolina University

"This was an excellent, personal experience that has confirmed my desire to further my education in the area of leadership. I would love to be able to possibly take this course again and include my assistant coaches and possibly team captains as I think this would be very valuable for us on the court, but more importantly, off it."

Diane Vampatella
Athletes in Action Staff Member and WNBA Chaplain

"Whether you are the parent of an athlete, a youth/high school/collegiate coach, a ministry leader in a sports-hungry community, a weekend warrior involved in a community athletic league, or a seasoned sports chaplain, God has given you an opportunity to impact others for Him through the world of sport. Baylor's Sports Leadership course encouraged me to consider anew how to be more purposeful in stewarding my leadership roles and opportunities with its emphasis on Leading Self, Leading Others, and Leading Organizations. I particularly loved the continual reminder to invest in my own growth in Christ and the opportunity to interact with classmates and Christian leaders from a wide variety of backgrounds over thought-provoking leadership topics. Well worth my time!"

Duane Aagaard
Associate Professor of Sport Management, Catawba College

"In my life there is nothing more important to me that my faith and living out my calling within sport. The Sport & Theology course provided me with a biblical framework as we examined sports in light of creation, the fall, and redemption. The readings, assignments, guest speakers (that included Frank Reich and Rachel Denhollander), and personal interactions with the instructor were all incredible. I’m already looking forward to my next course."

Brandon Matthews
Assistant Athletic Director and Head Girls Basketball Coach, Pike Liberal Arts School

"The classes offered through FSI have been so valuable to me as I seek to faithfully follow Jesus in the world of athletics. The classes have provided me with great resources for learning and growth while also connecting me to leaders throughout the world who also share the desire to view athletics through a Biblical Worldview. I am so grateful for the FSI."

George W. Truett Theological Seminary