Conference Schedule

Tuesday, November 19

7:00pm Baylor Choir
7:20pm Honoring D.L. Lowrie
8:00pm Baylor Choir
8:15pm Tony Evans
9:00pm Dismissal

Wednesday, November 20

9:00am Woodway Music
9:20am Special Feature
9:45am Woodway Music
10:00am Jimmy Mellado
10:45am Break
10:55am Woodway Music
11:05am Beth Moore
11:50am Lunch Break
2:00-4:00pm Workshops
3:00pm Workshops
4:00pm Workshops
5:00pm Dinner Break
7:00pm Park Cities Choir
7:30pm Joel Gregory
8:15pm Break
8:25pm Park Cities Choir
8:45pm Alistair Begg
9:30pm Dismissal

Thursday, November 21

9:00am The Church Without Walls Choir
9:30am Mary Hulst
10:15am Break
10:25am The Church Without Walls Choir
10:45am Ralph West
11:30am Special Feature