Seminar Courses

In keeping with Baylor Universities policies and procedures, the Certificate Program has postponed all scheduled seminars and is not scheduling any seminars until at least Spring 2021.

Truett Seminary’s in-person Seminar Courses are an additional way to enhance students' studies. They are an opportunity to learn in great depth from the Truett faculty, who are regarded as leading experts in their fields. These intensive weekends are not only a great opportunity to learn from professors, but they are also a way to learn in community with other laypeople, ministers, pastors, and students of all levels.

Certificate students who complete one of these Seminar Courses (including all assigned work) will earn a credit toward a Primary and/or an Advanced-level certificate.

Upcoming Seminars:

Additional Questions

Where are the Seminar Courses held?

Every year, Truett offers several Advanced-level Seminar Courses that are typically hosted in the Truett Seminary classrooms on the Baylor University campus. Courses may occasionally be offered in alternative locations.

What is the typical schedule for a Seminar Course?

These two-day intensive seminars are held on a Friday and Saturday and are typically taught by Truett’s faculty. Any active registration for an online Truett Certificate course can be “paused” during the time-frame of a seminar, so a participant only needs to worry about one set of assignments at a time.

A typical seminar schedule is as follows:

Friday 11:00am - 8:30pm (brown bag lunch optional and dinner provided)
Saturday 8:00am - 8:30pm (coffee and lunch provided)
Who can attend a seminar?

Anyone is welcome to attend a Seminar Course. These courses are taught at a "lightweight" masters degree level but are appropriate for well-studied laypeople, Truett Certificate students, and pastors/ministers of all levels.

If you have not taken a course with the Truett Certificate Program in the past but would like to attend a Seminar please contact our office at or 254-710-6351.

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