“Jesus tells us to build our house on a strong foundation; this program helps strengthen that foundation. I personally cannot see how anyone could go through this program and not be enriched, enlightened, and excited about the ministry.”

Donnie Truitt, Lay Pastor, Cowboy Church of Young County

“In the beginning I was terrified, especially not knowing what to expect from this program. After my first chapter, my attitude changed from being a scared perfectionist to having confidence in myself. As the course was moving along, I finally found myself ready and excited for the next chapter instead of dreading class like I did when I was in school.

"The [Online Certificate Program] allows you to not only take care of your personal issues that come along everyday in our lives with work, family, friends, church and so on. But they make it easy for you to pick up where you left off. I had a friend that lost her son and I went to be by her side for about a week to help her and to comfort her. That week I was with her, I never thought about my studies at all because I had come to peace knowing it was there waiting for me. Once I got back, it was like I had never left for that entire week.”

Terri Davidson, Layperson

"The Certificate of Ministry has allowed me to expand significantly my knowledge of the Bible, ministry, and approach to studying and interpreting the Scriptures. Further, it has opened doors to preaching more effectively, filling pulpits on a supply basis, and becoming an Endorsed Chaplain.

"During the Preaching Seminar, I was amazed at the broad range of ministry represented by the fellow attendees. Listening to the testimonies about their varied ministry venues convinced me of the value of the Certificate of Ministry approach in our world. I thank God for this user-friendly and inexpensive approach to obtaining Biblical credentials and training, for those of us who can’t, for many valid reasons, attend seminary full-time."

Richard Baggett, BGCT Endorsed Chaplain

“I had [previously] enrolled in a non-credit correspondence course on Missions through another Christian university. I received a very small booklet of written information and was asked to take four scantron based quizzes in order to complete the class. While I did learn some basic facts about famous missionaries and Biblical mandates, the course was not challenging or engaging in any meaningful way. I was therefore very excited when I saw that Baylor had the Online Certificate Program and enrolled quickly."

"I have been very impressed throughout the first course. As an instructional designer, it is great to see how well organized and planned it is, but it is from the perspective of a student that I have been especially happy with the experience. Above all else, the class has given me the opportunity to really think and ponder issues. I love the way the quizzes are really opportunities for reflection and that there are a variety of materials and activities to help guide us in the growth process – the book, the Scripture readings, the video intros, the soul exercises, and the discussion posts all work together. The class feels 'fresh' in its approach, and I think the value of courses like these far outweigh those of traditional correspondence ones. I also feel connected because I can see other students who are in the journey with me and learn from them as well.”

Dr. Becky Parton, Instructional Designer, Baylor University

“The Online Certificate Program has been a major game changer in my ministry. The courses have allowed me to grow in ways that I could not have imagined when I was contemplating enrollment. I have found myself drawn into the studies and my confidence has increased dramatically due to the lessons learned."

"I have laughed, I have cried, I have become frustrated, and I have found comfort as well as joy through my learning. I feel more confident while teaching and preaching the Word of God. While there are many benefits to these courses, three that stand out in my mind are:

  1. The ability to work at my own pace. The coursework can be completed around 'life.' The best method of study for me is to dedicate at least one hour each morning to my coursework. However, if I should not be able to study for a few days, that is fine. I am not penalized and can pick up where I left off.
  2. Access to the instructor. I have found it very easy to reach Rev. Tate via email and even phone. We have had great dialog that has supplemented my course work and added to my learning.
  3. Fair feedback. There is frequent feedback on assignments. Correction is positive, even when my quiz answers might demonstrate a misunderstanding, and I am encouraged to review and resubmit assignments as necessary.

I expect to continue learning and growing as a direct result of the Certificate Program, and I expect to become a better representative for the Kingdom of Heaven as a result."

Rev. Gerald Armbrister, Second Sweet Home Missionary Baptist

George W. Truett Theological Seminary