Financial Aid

Each course in the Online Certificate Program is offered at $250, and payment is due at the beginning of each course in which you enroll. You do not need to prepay for the entirety of the program.

In addition to keeping the cost per course low, we offer additional options to keep the program affordable:

Payment Plan

Program participants have the option of breaking down the course cost into two equal payments:

  • $125 paid at registration
  • $125 paid one month after registration

Contact the Certificate Program Office for instructions on setting up a payment plan.


Through the generosity of donors, limited scholarship funds are available to help offset the cost of participating in the Online Certificate Program. These funds are awarded based on financial need and are limited in amount.

Call the Certificate Program office at 254-710-6351 to inquire about scholarship opportunities.

Family Discount

To encourage our students to learn in partnership with another person, we offer a discount for family members taking the same course simultaneously. This discount is applicable to a spouse, child, or parent, and there is no limit to how many participants can receive the discount within a family.

The discount amount varies based on financial needs but cannot be combined with a scholarship. Should a second family member take a course shortly after another family member has finished it, a discount may still be available.

For more information about family discount opportunities, please call the Certificate Program office at 254-710-6351.