What are the requirements for entry into the program?

The PhD in Preaching is a research doctoral degree offered by Baylor University; thus, the highest of standards for admission to this degree shall be maintained.

Prospective students to the PhD in Preaching should have three or more years of ministerial experience in addition to the requisite academic requirements outlined below.

A Master of Divinity degree (or 72 hours of graduate credit from an accredited program) with a 3.5 or higher cumulative grade point average is expected. Applicants will be required to perform well on the Graduate Record Examination, not least on the verbal portion of the examination. Students must also demonstrate proficiency in Hebrew and Greek, along with one modern research language, before admission and enrollment.

Additionally, applicants must submit a statement of purpose indicating their rationale for pursuing graduate work in preaching. Applicants will also be required to submit two sermon manuscripts and DVD recordings of two preaching events. Selected students will be brought to campus for interviews in the final stage of selection.

What are the residency requirements for the program?

Truett's PhD in Preaching program is comprised of intensive on-campus courses. Of those accepted into the program, at least two candidates will be in full-time residence.

How many students are admitted to the program each year?

Up to seven students will be admitted to the program every year—two residential and five non-residential.

What is the duration of the program?

Given the hybrid structure of the program, students will enroll in two courses in the fall and two in the spring, in addition to one course in the two other summers. After three years of course work, students will take comprehensive exams in the fall of their fourth year and begin to work on a prospectus. The remainder of the program will be devoted to the dissertation, consisting of a total of five years.

Will students in the program receive financial assistance?

Those accepted into Baylor's Ph.D. in Preaching program may be eligible to receive scholarships and to apply for financial aid. Up to two full tuition scholarships are awarded yearly for full-time residential students along with a $20,000 stipend. There are generous scholarships available for non-residential students.

Who should I contact for more information about the program?

Julie Covington, Assistant Director of the Center for Ministry Effectiveness, at Julie_Covington@baylor.edu or 254-710-4677.

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