Recruitment Team

Truett Seminary's Student Recruitment Team Associates work with prospective students to help them discover more about Truett and about how the Seminary can equip and prepare them for their calling.

Student Recruitment Team Associates and student recruiters are current Truett students who are excited to share about their journey to and experiences at seminary. Prospective Students may recognize them from a Truett recruitment visit to their school or from a Truett exhibit booth at a conference they attended.

More information about each of our Assocaties can be found below. Be sure to reach out to them directly with any questions you may have.

Tom Morton

student_photo Hometown: Jasper, Texas

Previous Institution Attended: Houston Baptist University (B.A. Christianity)

Why I Came to Truett: I came to Truett because I felt the need to expand my theological education in a place that challenged and introduced new ideas. While Truett has a thriving academic theological program, I was interested in seeing a community that was interested in a wholistic approach to ministry. The faculty and staff not only were highly prestigious authors and theologians, but were also very pastoral in the way they invest within the lives of their students.

Favorite Part of Being a Truett Student: I really enjoy the comradery that Truett has to offer, including faculty, staff, and students. There is really no community like the one at Truett.

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Abby Bennett

student photo Hometown: Waco, Texas

Previous Institution Attended: Baylor University (BSW, Social Work)

Why I Came to Truett: I first became interested in Truett when I learned about the joint degree programs. While studying social work in undergrad, I was convinced that the intersection between social work and ministry was evident and crucial. Being able to come to a seminary that encourages and allows me to pursue both only made me love Truett more. I wanted to find a seminary where I would not only be stretched academically, but also provided with a sense of community. I instantly felt that at Truett. Whether it was a professor's willingness to meet with me before I was even accepted, many scholarship questions emailed and answered, or a friendly face and hug every time I entered the Student Services office, I knew Truett was the place for me.

Favorite Part of Being a Truett Student: My favorite part about being at Truett is the support I feel from every member of the community. I was extremely intimidated to come to graduate school, but every person here has supported me and helped me grow immensely. Truett cares for its students and I am grateful to have that sense of community here.

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Anna Beth Mann

student photoHometown: Birmingham, Alabama

Previous Institution Attended: Baylor University (B.B.A. in Marketing (Concentration in Nonprofit Development), Minor in Religion)

Why I Came to Truett: I had several mentors and ministers in my life who attended Truett and encouraged me to do the same. I came to Truett Preview as a sophomore at Baylor, knowing seminary would be the next step after graduation, but having no idea where God might be leading me for seminary. After spending a day surrounded by the Truett community, I quickly felt at home. The faculty, staff, and students were so welcoming and encouraging in my calling, especially as a woman going into ministry. This was important to me in looking for a seminary, which led me to discern that this is where God was leading me to pursue my theological education.

Favorite Part of Being a Truett Student: The people at Truett, the students, faculty, and staff, are my favorite part of Truett Seminary. The community at Truett has proven to be as welcoming and encouraging as the first day I visited. I love that you get to experience classes with a variety of students from all different backgrounds, stages of life, and ministry experiences. I also enjoy getting to know professors both inside and outside of the classroom. All the professors truly care for their students, on an academic and personal level, and want to help you discern your calling during your time in seminary. I know that this Truett community will be one I cherish even after I graduate from seminary.

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Elyse Meyer

Hometown: Waco, Texas

Previous Institution Attended: Baylor University (B.S. Education )

Why I came to Truett: When I first visited Truett Seminary at the Baylor Preview event, I immediately felt at home. I was really impressed by the faculty at Truett who genuinely care about your academic success and your spiritual formation. I saw a caring community that truly loves God and seeks to know Him. Finally, I loved that the people of Truett were supportive in helping me discern my calling. None of the faculty or staff expect me to have everything figured out, but instead they want to support me in figuring out where God is leading me in my call to vocational ministry.

Favorite Part of Being a Truett Student: I love my classes! I have learned so many interesting and important things from my classes here at Truett. The professors at Truett do a great job of making the material engaging and encouraging discussion.

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Zach Barber

Hometown: Georgetown, Kentucky

Previous Institution Attended: Georgetown College

Why I Came to Truett: I came to Truett because I felt at home the first day I walked in. I knew this was a great academic institution, so feeling extremely welcomed on my visit solidified my decision.

Favorite Part of Being a Truett Student: My favorite part about Truett has been the amazing connections I have been able to form with many different people.

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