Spiritual Direction for Baylor Students

Spiritual Direction for Baylor Students

"What is my calling?"

"How can I grow in my relationship with God?"

"Where is God in the situation I'm facing?"

The ministry of spiritual direction creates space for asking these kinds of questions about God's presence and guidance in everyday life.

What is spiritual direction? Spiritual direction is a historic practice of the church by which one Christian walks alongside another by helping him or her to listen prayerfully for God's presence and activity in life, to grow in intimacy with God, and to live in light of this relationship.

Growing a life with God is an essential dimension of the Christian journey. We grow best when we make the journey with others who give the gift of "one anothering" through prayer and encouragement. The ministry of spiritual direction is one form of relationship that responds to this need.

How do you connect with a spiritual director? If you are a member of the Truett community, the Office of Spiritual Formation is happy to connect members with a trained and certified spiritual director in our area. Please click below to start the conversation.

Spiritual Direction Interest Form

If you are a student at Baylor in either the graduate or undergraduate programs, Truett Seminary and Baylor Spiritual Life are now offering opportunities for students to participate in spiritual direction one-on-one or in a group. A spiritual director from the Truett Seminary Spiritual Direction Training Program will guide the conversation.

If you are on the faculty or staff at Baylor, we can also connect you with a spiritual director.

For more information, email Truett_SpiritualForm@baylor.edu.

The next steps are yours. We recommend contacting two or three directors for an initial conversation. This conversation will help determine if there is a good fit. We recommend asking potential directors the following three questions:

  1. How would you describe your spiritual journey?
  2. What led you to the serve in the ministry of spiritual direction?
  3. What does a typical spiritual direction session look like with you (how long, how do we begin, how do we end, etc.)?

If you make a solid initial connection, you may want to set a first appointment. Different directors set different fees for their services. Some have a standard fee, others offer direction freely as part of their ministry, and some offer reduced rates for students. It is wise to ask about fees and other policies during the initial interview.

If you need assistance in narrowing down directors whom you should initially contact, speak with a member of the Spiritual Formation Office. They will ask you questions about your journey and help you identify a possible match.

Spiritual direction provides an excellent space for discernment. A good director can assist in spiritual growth. Spiritual direction is also an excellent avenue for soul-care. A director will companion you through good times and more challenging moments. Directors will pray for you and with you, listen to you, encourage you, and provide accountability. If you have further questions about this ministry, please email Truett_SpiritualForm@baylor.edu.

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