Advanced Standing

Truett Seminary offers incoming students the opportunity to apply for advanced standing. Advanced standing is credit given to incoming students for introductory courses including Introduction to Christian Scriptures, Introduction to Christian History and Theology, and the introductory courses of Greek and Hebrew. Students may qualify for advanced standing if they graduated with a degree in religion and maintained at least a "B" average, or if they have satisfactorily completed Truett Seminary's Certificate for Christian Foundation. After you have submitted your application, please send a copy of your transcript (an unofficial copy is acceptable) to the Office of Academic Services in Truett 205.2 or email it to JoAnn Sharkey Reinowski.

Apply for Advanced Standing

*Advanced standing status is granted at the discretion of the Associate Dean.*

Advanced Standing with Credit

Students may be granted advanced standing with credit for the introductory courses, reducing the number of required hours to complete the degree, if they pass the appropriate written exam that demonstrates their knowledge, competency, and skills in that area of study. Recipients of Truett Seminary's Certificate of Christian Foundation may seek Advanced Standing for Introduction to Christian Scriptures and Introduction to Christian History and Theology. Baylor University charges a fee for the administration and grading of each exam for credit, though this fee is waived for graduates of Baylor University, Univeristy of Mary Hardin-Baylor and Truett's Certificate recipients.

Students must submit their request to be considered for advanced standing with credit after they have been admitted into Truett Seminary and paid their enrollment deposit but prior to the first semester of classes.

  • If students pass the advanced placement exam and receive advanced standing with credit, the Introduction course hours are removed from the degree (between 3-9 hours).

Download a copy of the Advanced Standing with Credit degree plan.

Advanced Standing without Credit

Students may be granted advanced standing without credit and be exempted from the introductory courses if they have been religion majors in college and have already covered the introductory material. However, an application is required and substitutions must be made to take the place of the exempted courses. To be considered for advanced standing without credit, students should apply for advanced standing online prior to starting their seminary degree or during their first semester at Truett.  Students must substitute other courses (electives) for these required hours to complete their degree.

Students are still responsible for the hours on their degree plan and they must substitute courses in place of the introductory hours (between 3 or 6 hours). Students may choose which courses to substitute in place of the exempted introductory courses.

  • However, the courses must be electives and not already a required course in your degree program.
  • Students must submit a "substitution" with the specific class you are removing from your degree plan.

Download a copy of the Advanced Standing without Credit degree plan.

Advanced Standing for Biblical Languages

To receive advanced standing with credit for Biblical Languages, a student must take a Greek Readings course and/or a Hebrew Readings course and receive a grade "B" or better. The student will receive credit for Greek 1-2 and/or Hebrew 1-2 after the student completes each corresponding Readings class and files a "waiver." Please note that the Readings course will count as an elective - students should plan their degree accordingly.

Truett Seminary adheres to The Association of Theological Schools’ standards on Advanced Standing.

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