Program Components


Each seminar is a one-week intensive course usually taking place on Baylor's campus.

  • Proclaiming the Kingdom
  • Living the Kingdom
  • Leading in the Kingdom
  • Sharing the Kingdom (This course takes place in a different, multi-cultural environment each year wherein candidates are able to study missions from those actively on the mission field.)

Seminar Schedule

Each seminar is one week long and takes place during the following months:

Year 1
Proclaiming the Kingdom September February
Living the Kingdom February August
Year 2
Leading the Kingdom September January
Sharing the Kingdom May November

Mentored Reading/Personal & Professional Growth

  • Mentored reading and research in your research area
  • Guided personal and professional growth
  • Planning for personal development and professional contribution
  • A faculty mentor and a practitioner will guide your study and reflection, laying a foundation for your final project, and for your next chapters in ministry.

Culminating Project

Truett Seminary Culminating Projects are producing exciting innovations in ministry practice. The researcher is required to design, implement and evaluate a new approach to ministry or a major revision of an existing approach. The projects are based on extensive biblical and theological study and reflection - giving a substantial and worthy framework for doing ministry.

George W. Truett Theological Seminary