Professors of Record

You may request any tenured professor, or senior lecturer, on the Truett faculty to serve as Professor of Record for your mentoring experience, regardless of their field.

Your Professor of Record will work with you in developing an approved reading list and finalizing approval of your Mentoring Syllabus before you register for MENT 7V00. During your mentoring semester, you will communicate regularly with your professor and you will submit all of your written work to the professor for evaluation. At the end of the mentoring semester, you will meet with your professor to debrief the experience. The Professor of Record will submit a grade to the Director of Pastoral Ministries when your work is completed.

If you are doing your mentoring during the summer semester, you must have your selection of Professor of Record approved by the Mentoring Office prior to submitting your application. This step is necessary to keep the heavier summer workload balanced. The earlier you make your request, the more likely you will be assigned to the professor you prefer.

Current Tenured Faculty and Senior Lecturers:
Andrew Arterbury, Ph.D. David Garland, Ph.D. W. Dennis Tucker, Ph.D.
Kimlyn Bender, Ph.D. Stephen Reid, Ph.D. Joel Weaver, Ph.D.
Brian Brewer, Ph.D. Joel Gregory, Ph.D. Todd Still, Ph.D. David Wilhite, Ph.D.
R. Robert Creech, Ph.D. Michael Stroope, Ph.D. Terry York, Ph.D.

Questions? Contact the Truett Mentoring Office.

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